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Improve Your Fleet With Custom Dump Truck Bodies

by Sofia Murray

Are you looking to purchase one or more new dump trucks? Do you want to make adjustments to some of the vehicles already in your fleet in service of improving efficiency or safety? One suggestion to look into would be to work with a provider of custom dump truck bodies to create the exact vehicles you need. Here's how custom dump truck bodies can benefit your business.

Load and Dump More Quickly

Does it take your standard dump truck too long to load or unload certain materials or types of waste? When you build a custom truck body, you can build it with your specific needs in mind. You can focus on the types of loads you will be hauling most frequently and design a truck body with loading mechanisms designed to make loading and unloading as efficient or fast as possible. This means less time will be spent on these tasks and your employees can complete each job more quickly.

Improve Workplace Safety

It may be possible to install a loading mechanism on your new custom truck that will not require any human worker to be nearby. You can also build a truck that is sturdier and less likely to tip over or run into other trouble when trying to load or unload it. Finally, you could install additional safety features like reflective tape or signs to keep your drivers safe on the road.

Use Durable Materials

Do you need a dump truck that is especially rugged and capable of standing up to abuse? When you build a custom dump truck body, you can use your choice of materials in an effort to reduce long-term wear and tear. 

If your business will be loading and dumping hazardous waste, you could build a custom truck body designed to handle this type of waste without sustaining damage. For example, the inside of the truck could have a custom liner installed that will protect the truck's metal or other materials from harm.

Boost Capacity

Perhaps you need a truck capable of handling more cargo than what is commonly available. You can get a custom dump truck built to hold a larger capacity or one that can fit items that are unusual in shape.

Grow Your Business

When you design your new dump trucks with custom bodies, you will have everything you need to obtain a competitive advantage in your industry. You'll get work done faster and may be able to take on more clients, all while protecting your vehicles and your workers from harm.