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Got A Dent In Your Car? Try These At-Home Techniques To Remove The Dent

by Sofia Murray

If you have a small or minor dent in your automobile, you may be able to get the dent out yourself. There are many items that you likely already have in your home that can be used to help you remove a dent from your vehicle. Read on to learn about three different at-home techniques you can perform to remove a dent on your own.  

Attempt to Pull an Automobile Dent Out With a Plunger

Suction is one of the best ways to remove minor dents from a vehicle. While you can purchase suction tools at automobile parts stores that are specifically designed for dent removal, most people already have a tool in their homes that they can use instead. This tool is the plunger. Simply wet the edges of the plunger, place it around the dent on your car, and then attempt to gently pull the plunger to remove the dent. If this technique does not work, you may want to try heating up the affected area with a blow dryer and then pulling the dent again with the plunger. The heat helps to soften the metal slightly, which may help the dent to pop outward. 

Use a Shop Vacuum and a Plastic Bucket to Remove Car Dents

Another way that you can use suction to help remove a car dent is with a plastic bucket, such as a mop bucket, and a shop vacuum. Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket and then place the bucket over the dent. Put the hose to your shop vacuum directly over the hole and place your shop vacuum in suction mode. This creates enough suction that you may be able to lift dents out of your car. If you notice that air is escaping around the edges of your bucket, use a car-safe tape around the edges of the bucket to seal it off. 

Gently Pop Dents Out of Plastic With Boiling Water  

The final way that you can remove dents from your car on your own is with boiling water. If you have a plastic bumper or fender, and there is a dent present, you may be able to remove the dent using hot water and your hand. Boil a pot of hot water and then pour it on the plastic. Wait until the plastic is cool enough to touch, and then try to gently pop the dent out from the backside using your hand. The boiling water softens the plastic, which allows you to mold or shape it. You may need to pour more boiling water if the plastic hardens before you can completely pop the dent out. 

If you are unable to lift the dent yourself, collision repair services should be contacted. Collision repair services can remove stubborn dents from your automobile, helping your vehicle to get back to its pre-accident state. Reach out to a collision repair service to schedule your appointment today.