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Five Benefits of Professional Collision Repair Services

by Sofia Murray

A car accident may not leave your car undrivable, but it will likely be left with some body damage. Avoid the temptation to attempt a repair yourself. There is more than slapping on some touch-up paint when it comes to collision repair, which is why you should always take your vehicle in to see the pros. 

1. Hidden Damage Discovery

Not all collision damages are immediately visible. What looks like a small dent in a fender, for example, may have damaged your car's suspension system or bent the frame. Fixing only the cosmetic damage won't solve anything, as the hidden damages will wreak havoc on your tires and drive train if they aren't repaired. A professional has the knowledge and tools to fully inspect your car so all damages are found and repaired. 

2. Improved Paint Recovery

Scratches and chipped paint can be covered with touch-up paint, but the repair will be obvious for many reasons. Color matching is difficult due to natural fading. Plus, if the scratches aren't cleaned and prepped properly, then the paint may peel off or the touchup area may not be smooth in relation to the rest of the car. Professionals can custom match the paint and take the time to properly patch the panel so that the touchups don't stand out from the rest of the car.

3. Quality Part Selection

When trying to repair collision damage on your own, you may be limited by part availability at the local auto parts store. A collision shop will have a huge network of parts suppliers, including those that supply after-market as well as OEM parts. Further, they will know which after-market parts work well and which to avoid, something that those in the industry may not be privy to. 

4. Work Warranties

A collision repair service will guarantee any work it does, so if you have a problem later as a result of workmanship concerns they will often fix it free of charge. Further, any repair parts will also be under warranty, especially if they were installed professionally. You can rest easy knowing that any issues with the repairs will be handled if need be.

5. Better Quality and Speed

Finally, don't discount the quality and speed provided by experienced collision repair mechanics. They have tools and skills available to do the job much more quickly and to a higher quality standard than most people can pull off in their driveway. This means you will have your car back and ready to use much more quickly compared to trying to do the repairs on your own. 

Contact a collision repair service if your car is in need of a body repair.