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4 Reasons You’ve Got Scratches on Your Motor Vehicle

by Sofia Murray

Marks, scratches as well as nicks happen on your car, with many of them presenting a mystery of how they got there. Unfortunately, you cannot ignore the scratches because eventually, they will lower your car's resale value or interfere with the polish and paint, leaving the auto body exposed to rust and corrosion. It is advisable to get an auto mechanic to sort the dents as soon as you can, to protect the exterior of the car that you pride greatly. Here are some of the major sources of scratches on your cars. 

Bird Droppings and Dead Bugs

While bird droppings present as a harmless rule of nature, they can be dangerous for your vehicle. The high acidity in bird droppings leads to the waste fusing with the paint, and your efforts to scrape off the mess will leave with a patch of your car's paint. Dead bugs also release some form of acid while decomposing, which has a similar effect on the paintwork. It is advisable to wipe off the droppings as soon as they appear or take the car to a professional for expert care. 

Scratches From Hedges

Hedges and other plants can seem harmless or frail against your car, but they can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle's body. If making your way to work involves driving through some brush every morning, you should constantly check your car's body for signs of scratches. It is best to look for an alternative route because once weaknesses start forming on the surface of your vehicle, they could leave you with a hefty repair bill down the line. 

Caustic Cleaners and Rough Cloth

Some people use household cleaning agents on their vehicles, unaware that the act can harm the car's exterior. While such agents will save you a coin or two on cleaning supplies, they will strip the sealant off the body of the car and leaves it susceptible to damages. You also want to avoid washing the car with a dry or dirty cloth because the particles can be abrasive on the paint. 

Scratches from Children

Children have a great imagination that often works very differently from that of an adult. As such, they will etch words on your car to explore their creativity or to display a loving gesture. As they grow into their teenage years, they also rarely take care when learning to drive, and if you are not careful, you will end up with huge scratches on your car.

The best way to handle scratches on your car is by hiring auto body repair services to fix them. They will know the best way to handle dents, bumper damage, scratches, and other damages.