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3 Tips For Creating An Engaging Vehicle Wrap For Your Food Truck

by Sofia Murray

With a food truck, your vehicle is literally your business. You need the vehicle wrap on your food truck to advertise and explain your business. You need your food truck design to literally invite customers into your business and advertise your business.

#1: The Name of Your Restaurant

On one side of your food truck, preferably the side you are not serving food out of, you will want to have the name of your food truck. The name should stretch across the entire side of your food truck.

You are not just going to want to put the name of your food truck in boring letters on the side of the truck. This is where you get to have some fun; find a fun font that you like, decide on a color palette, and consider creating a small logo to go on that side of your food truck. You want your name to explain the type of food truck that you have.

For example, you might choose "Ruthie's Handmade Tamales" with a little tamale logo or "Southern Love Barbeque" with a little barbeque for the logo.

#2: Play Up Your Food

On the side of your truck that you serve food from, you will want to include more detailed information. On the panels that fold up when you are open for business, you can put your business name so the business name is visible when you are driving.

On the sides of the display windows, you can place information that is more relevant to your food truck. For example, you can list your menu on the side of your truck. You can list the entire menu or highlight a few special features. Use the vinyl on the side where you serve food to provide more information about your food.

#3: Use the Back

Don't overlook applying vinyl to the back of your food truck. You can put the name of your restaurant on the back of your food truck and contact information for your business, such as your phone number, website, or social media accounts. That way, if someone sees your truck and wants to contact you, they have a way of getting that information from just looking at the truck. Also, if people are walking up to your truck, they will be able to know what your food truck is about by looking at the side-view of your vehicle when you're parked, which would be the back of the vehicle.

When it comes to creating a custom vinyl wrap for your food truck, you want to make sure your wrap clearly states the name of your business and, on the food-serving side, provides information customers need to know about the food you serve. Try to use fun fonts and colors that will make your food truck stand out and be memorable.