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3 Things You Need to Understand About Direct Repair Programs

by Sofia Murray

When your vehicle gets into an accident and suffers body damage, you are going to need to work with an auto body shop in order to fix up your vehicle. When looking for an auto body shop to work with, you should consider an auto body shop that offers a direct repair program (DRP).

A Direct Repair Program Is Designed to Streamline the Repair Process

A direct repair program is designed to make the auto body repair process following an accident a smoother process. With a direct repair program, the auto body shop has partnered with specific insurance companies in order to streamline the repair process. The auto body shop has submitted information to the insurance company that allows them to reduce the time necessary for estimates and repairs.

When you work with a non-DRP program, the estimate will have to be reviewed by an insurance adjuster, who will then approve or deny the estimate. If any additional damage is spotted while fixing up your vehicle, the auto shop will have to wait for an adjuster to look over their work and approve any changes.

With a DRP program, all the back and forth is cut out. The auto body shop has worked together with the insurance company to come up with a pricing structure the insurance company approves of, and once they assess the vehicle, they can just get to work without all the back and forth and waiting that usually occurs between auto body shops and the insurance company. This means that the work on your vehicle will be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

A Direct Repair Program Will Offer Flexible Prices

When you work with a shop that has a direct repair program, you are not going to get fleeced when it comes to the prices for the parts. Shops with DRP have established a cost structure based on the suppliers that they work with to ensure that you get the best prices on all the parts used to fix up your vehicle. You may even get a real deal on some of the parts, as parts are sold at agreed-upon prices, even if the part ends up costing more due to supply and demand.

A Direct Repair Program Uses the Best Possible Parts

When you work with a direct repair program, they will use the highest quality parts they can find to fix your vehicle. They may use both OEM parts and aftermarket parts, based on what parts are available on the market and what parts are of the highest quality.  You can always discuss what parts are being used to repair your vehicle and request different parts if you are not happy with any of the parts being offered for whatever reason. They will use parts that work the best with your vehicle.

A direct repair program means that the auto body shop works directly with your insurance company in a streamlined process which will ensure your vehicle is fixed up to high-quality standards in the most effective way possible.