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What Could Go Wrong If You Paint Your Own Car?

by Sofia Murray

Painting your car at home to save money sounds logical, but mistakes could result in a less than desired result. In the end, you could still end up at an auto body repair shop to have your car painted. If you are thinking of painting your car yourself, avoid these mistakes to potentially prevent a poor job.  

Painting on the Wrong Day

When you paint your car plays a major role in how well the finished result turns out. If you paint your car in weather that is too hot or cold, the result could be a paint job that is either bubbling or discolored.  

To determine the right weather, refer to the paint manufacturer's instruction. Since the temperature can vary by manufacturer, you should avoid relying on general recommendations for the temperature. If the weather is not right for painting, put the task off until another day.  

Waiting Too Long

After buying paint, it is imperative that you do the job as soon as the weather permits. As the paint remains in its container, it can start to change. When you apply paint that is more than six months old to your car, it can sometimes result in discoloration, chipping, and cracking.  

If you do have to use the paint, make sure it is thoroughly mixed. Consider taking it to a local home improvement store to have it shaken for you.  

Incorrectly Selecting and Using a Reducer

A paint reducer helps to thin out the paint and primer. It helps to reduce the possibility of uneven coats being applied to your car's surface. If you select the wrong reducer or improperly use it, cracking in the paint can occur. There could be other defects that appear in the paint.  

When you buy the paint for the car, look for a compatible reducer. In most instances, the manufacturer for the paint will also produce a reducer to use with it. If you opt to use a different brand, make sure the quality is up to par.  

Read the instructions on both the auto paint and reducer to determine how much reducer is needed. If the mix is not the correct ratio, the paint could appear to be splotched.  

In addition to these mistakes, you could potentially face other issues when painting your car. If you want to avoid the challenges that come with painting your car, consider getting professional help like Ron's Auto Refinishers.