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3 Tips for Inspecting Your Car After Dent Repair Has Been Performed

by Sofia Murray

If you have recently dropped your car off at a repair shop for dent repair, you might be looking forward to picking it up and seeing what it looks like. It is always a good idea to carefully inspect your car when you pick it up to make sure that the job has been done properly. Luckily, following these tips can help you do so.

1. Make Sure Your Car Is Clean

First of all, your car should always be nice and clean when you pick it up from a body repair shop. If your car is dirty, it can be difficult to get a good look at the dents or other imperfections to make sure that they have been repaired properly. If your car has not been detailed when you arrive at the body shop, you may want to ask to have it cleaned before you inspect it and take it home.

As an added bonus, along with making it easier for you to see the repaired area on your vehicle, you can also enjoy your newly repaired car a whole lot more if it's nice and clean when you drive it home.

2. Avoid Looking at the Repair in Direct Sunlight

It can be difficult to get a good look at dents and other imperfections on your car when it's in the direct sunlight. If you are trying to inspect a previously dented area that has been repaired, it's smart to ask for your car to be moved into a repair bay so that you can look at it outside of the sunlight. Then, you can look at your car in the sunlight. This can help you ensure that you catch any imperfections in the work that you might not have seen otherwise.

3. Look at Your Vehicle from Different Angles

It can be challenging to get a good look at any dents on your car when you are looking at them head-on. Therefore, if you'd like to make sure that your dents have been repaired properly, you'll want to look at your vehicle from different angles. Try looking at the repaired area from each side, then crouch down and look at it from eye level. This can help you see your car at different angles when ensuring that the job has been done properly.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should do when inspecting your car after having dent repair done. If you follow these tips, it'll be easier for you to ensure that the repairs have been done properly when you pick up your car.