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How To Protect Your Car From Hail Damage

by Sofia Murray

Believe it or not, but those little hail pellets that come down when the weather is poor can do much more damage to your vehicle than you'd realize. Hail that is large in size or that pours down in massive quantities can break your windshield or damage wipers, side mirrors, and even cause large dents in the hood, roof, or trunk of your car. Car dents can be repaired at your local auto body shop for $30 or more per dent, which can really add up when hail is the cause. Here are tips on protecting your car against hail damage and what you should do if your vehicle is affected by hail.

Invest in a car cover

If you don't park your car in a garage or covered area, then investing in a cloth or vinyl car cover is a wise choice to keep your car protected against hail and other damage. You want to make sure that you choose a style that has an elastic bottom for a more custom fit to your ride, covering the hood, trunk, and side mirrors of your vehicle. You can buy a car cover at your local auto repair center, parts store, or the dealership where you purchased your vehicle.

Park away from trees

Hail can not only cause damage to your vehicle, but it can also cause branches to fall from trees, which can then land on your car and cause even more repair needs if you park near a tree. Park as far away from large or small trees as possible to minimize the risk to your car when a storm is on the way.

Repair current damage

If your car has already been affected by a hail storm and you have not gotten repairs done yet, then it's wise to do them now before another storm comes and makes the need for repairs even worse. A dent can deepen and begin to crack when further force is placed on it, and a windshield that has minor chips in it can shatter with more hail pounding on it. Visit an auto body and paint shop like Corn Paintless Dent Repair to have smaller repairs done on your vehicle to make it sturdier to withstand future hail damage if it occurs.

Hail can wreck a vehicle and cause costly damage. Talk to your auto repair technician to see how you can make your vehicle the most safe against hail storms when they are predicted in your local weather forecast so you can be prepared before the weather turns.