Enjoying A Beautiful Car

Don't Put Your Car Up For Sale Before You Take Care Of These Three Cosmetic Issues

by Sofia Murray

If you're getting ready to sell your current car, then you should take some steps to ensure it is in the best possible condition. While it's important for a car to be in good mechanical condition, buyers are also interested in what a car looks like. It's no good if your car has just had new brakes installed, a newly rebuilt carburetor, and a excellent transmission, but the exterior has scratches and the interior upholstery looks like an old carpet. So, here's some things to take care of before putting it up for sale.

Upholstery And Dashboard

You want the interior of the car to look new. That means you should bring it in to a detailer and have it taken care of. The carpets need to be completely steamed cleaned. This will not only remove any stains, but also any odor. Likewise, the fabric will need to be cleaned. Cracked and dry leather is not a good look when selling the car, so if you do have a leather interior, get it treated with moisturizing lotions. These won't remove the cracks, but they will make the leather look less dry and bring back some of its shine.

Finally, don't forget to have the detailers take care of the dashboard and other plastic and vinyl areas. They can shine them and bring back that new-car look using special products.

Replace Headlight and Taillights

Headlights and taillights need to be replaced. And you should not just replace a dim bulb. You should swap out the entire lights. The glass on these can get scratched up as well as dirty, and they are very hard to clean properly. A scratched-up light will make the car look old. Brand-new lights are a great way to make the car look new without spending a ton of money.

Scratches and Dents

The exterior of your car is likely to have scratches and perhaps even minor dents. You might have grown accustomed to these small nicks, but a fresh set of eyes (such as the prospective buyers') are likely to see them as glaring cosmetic problems. You can bring your car into an auto body repair shop like Auto Body By Duie LLC and have them take care of the problem. They will be able to use buffing compound or autobody filler to repair the scratches. Likewise, they will have the tools (suction cups, soft hammers, etc.) to deal with dents. And of course, they will understand how to reapply exterior paint so that it matches and the car looks like the scratches and dents were never there.