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Preventing Auto Paint Damage During Winter With Frequent Car Washing

by Sofia Murray

Winter can cause your auto paint job to become damaged. Protecting your paint job in the harsh winter months is something that should be a top priority. There are several things that can damage your paint job in the winter. Not the least of which is the ice from the winter snow. In the winter, to avoid unnecessary auto paint damage, it is best to wash your car on a regular basis. Below are problems that can be minimized in the winter by simply washing your car more often.

The Dangers of Road Salt

Road salt has become a staple on the roadway in many cities during the winter. This is because road salt will help to stop the often treacherous and icy driving conditions during the winter. While road salt is good for preventing unnecessary accidents, it can be bad for your auto paint job. Road salt can begin building up on your car. What's worse, it can actually begin eating through any protective paint coatings and begin damaging your auto paint job. When you wash your car, do it slowly and carefully to remove any road salt. Finish off the job by rubbing down the car with a good wax.

Windshield Washer Fluid Stains

Windshield wiper fluid is often used in the winter to remove water and other debris that has been sprayed on your windshield by passing vehicles. When you wipe your windshield, the fluid leaves the windshield and drains onto a section of the car before it goes onto the ground. You should pay close attention to this area of your car and wash it frequently to prevent auto paint damage.

Dirt and Snow

Sometimes there is dirt in the snow and this can splash on your car and cause chips and scratches. If you are not careful about removing the dirt you may even cause further damage. Never brush off dirt that gets on your car from the snow, because some dirt may be abrasive in nature and brushing will lead to scratching. Instead, you should get a garden hose and try to wash off the dirt with a flood of water. You may also get a bucket and use a soft rag that is soaked in warm water to remove the dirt carefully. This will prevent further scratching from the dirt.

Washing your car often during the winter is an easy and effective way to keep your auto paint job in good shape throughout the winter. If something does happen to your paint, you can always take your car to a shop like Franks Auto Body Inc to have it restored.